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    Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light, Sarasota

    Second Tuesday Monthly Anchoring Light Channeled Meditation Charlotte County - 6:45PM with Rev.Sharon-Elizabeth James - Serving the Ascension of our planet with the Ascended Realms as Anchors of Light every Monday since July 16, 2007! ~ Love...

    business and loans and some one from the small business speaker

    North Port Business Referral Networking Meetup

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    Monthly Meeting: Let's Talk Real Estate

    West Florida Real Estate Investors Assn.

    Here's your chance to talk shop with other real estate investors, pitch properties and services and ask questions. Along with networking, we have an educational component for each meeting. Pick up a new trick, or maybe be reminded of an old...

  • 10 Homemade Birdseed Feeders

    10 Homemade Birdseed Feeders By Manuela Williams Did you know that February is National Bird Feeding Month?  Did you know that bird feeding/watching  is the second most popular hobby behind gardening? Did you know that feeding birds in winter is criticalsince berries and other natural sources of food are scarce?  Here are some ideas for […]


    These Homes Say Happy Mardi Gras!

    Happy almost Mardi Gras, everyone! In case you’re wondering how the date of Fat Tuesday is determined, it’s easy — it’s always the day before Ash Wednesday. Fat Tuesday is the last day of the carnival festivities, the last day to whoop it up before starting more solemn preparations for Easter and observing Lent. Here’s […]